The Citizen story begins in 1918 when Tokyo Jeweller Kamekichi Yakamazi founded the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. He and his team began experimenting in the production of pocket watches using Swiss machinery. By the end of 1924 commercial production of the first 16 Calibre pocket watch had started.

Yakamazi’s aim was to make affordable watches for all people, with the hope that every CITIZEN would be able to enjoy the timepieces. The watches were then named CITIZEN to be affordable watches for all CITIZENS.

‘Better Starts now’ Is the simple belief that, no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better — and now is the time to start doing it.

We are people who see the world as a work in progress. A place to be improved. A place where time is measured not in seconds but in steps forward.

It is with this in mind, that we strive to create timepiece technologies that help bring something “Better” to people’s lives. This year, Citizen celebrates its 100th year anniversary. The brand is at the forefront of innovation and precision with technologies such as the revolutionary Eco-Drive – light powered timepieces, the proprietary Super Titanium technology and the high tech Promaster sports range including Divers, Radio Controlled , Bluetooth,and Mountain Climbing timepieces.

1977: The first domestic digital quartz watch with calculator.

1978: Thin quartz watch with movement less than 1.00mm thick.

1978: The first domestic combination quartz watch. One movement holds the function of both analogue and digital ,"Citizen Quartz Digi-Ana". Being innovative, it sold more than 1 million pieces.

1982: The world's first quartz divers watch with water resistance to 1300m.

1986 : The annual production quantity of movement become World's No.1.

1987: The world's first digital quartz with sound recognition. Could operate the watch or by voice.

1989: The world's first watch being able to measure altitude and air pressure. Was ideal for outdoor usage.

1993: World's first multi-zone " Radio-Controlled Watch".

1995: The world's first analogue solar watch with alarm chronograph and "The Citizen" watch with free 10-year warranty and lifetime repair.

1996: Light-energy powerd " Eco-Drive" watch obtained " Eco Mark".

1998: "Promaster Eco-Drive Duo", world's first hybrid power system watch (light power and movement power).

1999: "Attesa Eco-Drive Radio-Controlled Watch" for Japan marketed.

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